Saturday, March 14, 2009

Marketing Training in Calgary Just for You Women Entrepreneurs!

Helping women in their own small businesses, women just like me, has become my career passion. I have just opened for business with my new marketing training and events company called MPowered Marketing. M is for marketing, mentoring, and motivation of course! Unlike traditional marketing services, my focus really is on training women in business to be better marketers. This is for two reasons. The first is that women entrepreneurs need to be practical, they need to save money, and they need to do the most for themselves they can when they are first building their business. Thus, I want to use my career experience in a positive way to train women to be the best marketers they can be for their own businesses. The second is that women in business WANT to know how to be better marketers. Training is through services and events. The first event was just last week. It was so well received with 16 women in attendance who were excited, sharing and told me they all learned something new to apply to their business. I can hardly wait for the second event and participate in another motivating session. Seats are limited to 30 people, and you are all invited!

Tuesday, March 24th
SE Calgary, Copperfield Community Hall
Score! The Recession Opportunity for Small Businesses
- Find the full event listing and registration information on my website. It's only $25, includes 30-45 minutes training by me on the things you HAVE to do to set your business apart to make it grow during this particular recession year; useful networking session; and guest speaker Amy Perzan Merrill of Meringue 3.14 Graphic Design.

Event details:
More about me:

If you are in Calgary and area, please consider coming to our events or contact me if you are interested in my business. If you are a like-minded marketer anywhere in the west, I want to expand and need mom marketing professionals to help! I need speakers for the next series, so if you are in Calgary area and wish to share your story at an upcoming event, please let me know! I need speakers for the next series.

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