Sunday, March 29, 2009


Recent events have lead me to look and my life look for ways to simplify things both personally and for my business. Personally I have decided that we need to look at all the things we have and try and down size again. Give away those things we are not using and are just sitting in storage as well my Son just had a birthday and was given many new toys so I think we need to go through his toys again and give away the ones we are not playing with. I am also looking at my life personally and realizing that I need to keep it simple and eliminate things that are tying me down and causing unnecessary stress.

For my business I have been looking at my product lines and what is selling and what is not selling and there are two lines I want to get rid of but am not really sure what the quickest way to do said thing would be? I have tried putting one on sale but it hasn't worked so my next thought is maybe ebay or kijji? I would like to free up space in my office and my bank account. I have also been trying to consider what to do next product wise to try and draw people to my site and I am very intrigued by Waldorf toys I love imaginative play and toys that encourage that. I am bringing some play silks as I have customers requesting those and I am also looking at some wooden toys that are very much like Haba toys but less expensive and handmade. I really want to look for things that are well made, simple and encourage children to use their imaginations. I am also thinking I want to get out of my cloth diapers and clothing to focus on Handmade and play things.

So I guess the plan for now is to work on developing a plan to simplify and declutter!


  1. Sounds like a great idea. But can I say... you want to simplify and declutter by getting rid of two products lines, but want to add a few more? ;) Maybe I'm not understanding. Taking the marketing approach here... just make sure you have sound business and marketing decisions for how you get rid of and add new products. You want to make it obvious you are in a specific business, but not so lean you don't have enough to offer. I'm sure you know this, it is a fine science though.

    Kijiji... you will sell at a firesale prices. It does work if you give deals. But do you have to lower your price significantly to get rid of what you don't want, and does doing this negatively impact the quality of products you are selling? I would find a way to sell what you don't want that attracts the buyers you want for your new products. Firesale on Kijiji will get rid of your products, but won't be the right audience for the rest of your business. Food for thought.