Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Owning your own business is tough!

I have owned my own business for over 5 yrs. It is funny when people pass along compliments/ envy over being fortunate to have one (as many people always complain about how they wish they could find a business to do of their own). But I kow it is not as easy as people think it may be!. Especially when you have kids and a household to run!
How does everyone manage to balance family life and a business under the same roof?.
I find I lack serious motivation most of the time. My kids take up alot of my days (even between naps and pre-school) to which it doesnt leave much room to think of my business. I typically only focus on the business when orders come in, but I know I could be expanding it so much more if I spent the time on it.


  1. I just don't sleep! haha! No, really, I don't! I make everything I sell too so it's tough. I really do stay up quite late and do my best to work at every chance I get. Definitely the hardest, most rewarding thing I've done.

  2. It is easy to loose track of your business, or household chores, which ever you decide to give the back seat. I found when I first become a Passion Consultant I was so excited I was neglecting house hold chores. Yes I know it sounds bad.

    I found some things that have helped me get a bit more organized.

    I went to a Seminar done by Belinda Elsworth. and she talks about a concept called Power Hour. I used it to make a time slot every day/every other day...which ever I think is more feasable for the week, to concentrate on deffernt areas of my business and home.

    Also I have started making lists of tasks I need to get done every day. I keep it small so that way I dont feel like Im failing if I dont get to all of them, and at the same time it keeps me motivated knowing I accomplished every thing on the list.

  3. It is a juggling act...easy organization helps, I try to keep my supplies to a minimum and compact so I don't get to spread out and have to keep organizing all the time. I also like to make daily todo lists. Again keeping it simple...and I copy from my director when I sense recreating the wheel all the time. When I'm taking things on I look for what will require minimum time for maximum sucess.

  4. In addition to the tips mentioned already, I think it is important to set goals. This is in your work, in your home chores, in everything. If you do, then you can relinquish some of the guilt around what is not done, by being able to evaluate what you did manage to get done. You can also figure out if you are setting your expectations to high or too low by goal setting.

    I always let the house go in favour of business, kids, other stuff. I've just never really embraced that cleaning house is supposed to be one of my jobs. My husband does not appreciate this thinking, but I was a career girls without kids for over 10 years. Still trying to build new habits three kids and 7 years later.