Tuesday, March 24, 2009

An intro to me....

Hi all... I'm relatively new to blogging... but have been a WAHM for 3 years now :) I started out by opening my own home business in July 2006... a cloth diaper store with a home showroom and an online webstore. It took a lot of get go, work and fun to actually become something but it certainly DID! 2 years of meeting Moms & Dads to be, new parents, new babies and more was really a mind boggling experience. But after almost 2 years of biz it was taking over our home. Family time wasn't family time anymore, it was time for me to work. Even with a helper I couldn't keep up... it was crazy and exciting all at once. So I took the leap and I sold to a local Mama. What a relief! You can't imagine the stress relief when the store was gone. Don't get me wrong... I LOVED having my own store... but it was just too much. I'm staying home to be with the kids and I wasn't doing that. Now I *can* and we're all loving it!

So why do you ask... am I posting on a WAHM blog? Well I'm still a WAHM. A few months before I sold I got a job working for a Web Designer and I'm loving it! Now don't get me wrong, I don't do the design work... I suck at that. But I do shopping cart support and it's great! Keeps me in the loup when we do Baby Boutiques and I learn lots of different things. I'm well versed in quite a few e-commerce shopping carts and am learning new things all the time. What an awesome job! I do plan on taking some design courses when the kids are a bit older tho... see if I'm cut out for design. But in the mean time, I'm really really lovin my job! I also work for 2 cloth diaper manufacturers doing various things. One is Canadian Monkey Doodlez and the other is Drybees/Wahmies in the US. I've made great friends with the owners and am quite happy to help them out. Again, I'm in the loup and yet working on my own terms when I have time.

Being a WAHM is so wonderful & you don't have to own your own business to do it!


  1. Hi LaughingSun - great to see you on this blog. You've got some great experience to share with the world.

    Spicelady Tamara

  2. Thanks Tamara, I'm kinda excited to share but w/out the responsibility of owning my own Blog lol... I'm done owning my own things ROFL and happy to 'work' for other people!

  3. LS,
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