Thursday, March 12, 2009

lia sophia jewellery just launched in Canada

I am SO darn excited about starting my lia sophia business! lia sophia fashion jewellery has been in the U.S. for over 30 years and has over 27,000 consultants!
I went to the Edmonton launch on Tuesday and the Calgary launch was last night, and OMG, I am excited!! I cannot wait to get my kit, and start doing shows!!
I have been in other direct sales businesses before, but getting in on the ground floor with lia sophia is truly exciting!


  1. Oooo.. i'm so excited for you!!! Any square cut rings? lol

  2. I recently heard about Lia Sophia
    The jewellery looks beautiful from the pics I have seen.
    How does the business works...would love to hear more about it. I am in Ontario by the way. Wonder if I could add it to my current business products??

  3. Congratulations Jewelry Lady!

    I have also started my lia sophia business and have already received my kit, done a Starter Show and have my personal website up and running. You can visit me at I have a Grand Opening coming up this Monday April 6th and booked a ton of jewellery parties for April and May!

    You are absolutely right, it is truly exciting to get in on this ground floor opportunity.

    I reside in Ontario and things are heating up here. Anyone interested in hearing more about the lia sophia opportunity and our awesome Hostess Benefits can reach me at, 905-965-9132 or online at I will be so happy to answer your questions.

    Yours in fashion.

    P.S. Britt, we definitely do have square cut rings. Feel free to browse the catalogue on my lia sophia website. Need help finding what you need? If Jewelry Lady has not connected with you already, contact me anytime and I'll help you out.

    Pursegirl, you are absolutely right. The jewellery is beautiful! If you like it from the pics you've seen, you are definitely going to love it when you see it in person! Where do you live in Ontario? I am located in the Greater Toronto Area and if Jewelry Lady has not already connected with you, I would love to do a jewellery party for you.

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