Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Why me???

So I ordered some new product for the site back on Feb 15th, I knew it would take a bit to get the order together it was a big one. Well they sent it March 2nd, and no one can find the shipment. Finally today I get a answer, the shipper misaddressed the package and it was sent back, now he has to ship it again. GOOD thing I did not pay for shipping to begin with!

Has this ever happened to u? ordered something (not just for your business) and they have lost it? What did the shipper do for u in your case?


  1. oh, no.. that's not good. Do you have any customers waiting for the items?

  2. yikes! I havent had it happen to me, but had it happen to one of the girls in my team. I know how frustrating it can be. I had to in the end go and pick up the package since they refused to deliver it because they tried twice...and one time it was to the wrong address.

    Ive had deffernt experiances with deffernt shippers. You just have to make sure you talk to the right person. Most of the people you talk to over the phone are from call centres and have no control of doing any changes. Just my experiance.

  3. Well it is for a few friends so they are understanding on it. I don't enter anything to the site I don't have in my hands just for this reason!

    The worst part is I have been dealing with the owner of the company it is a small company so there are only 4 or 5 all together, and most calls go directly to him.