Monday, March 23, 2009

Logo design on the cheap

Let’s face it, custom logos can be expensive. I know, because I have been involved in numerous branding projects and logos can be extremely challenging, hence the big price tag. Having worked with Calgary and Vancouver graphic designers, I can safely say that most small start-up businesses would be shocked to know what a great logo costs. Freelance designers are a great option and will charge less, however you are working with one person vs. a team of people that can come at the project from different points of view. This is fine if their style is what you are looking for and sets the stage for an ongoing relationship with someone that you can trust and knows your brand. Read the full article here.


  1. What would be a good starting price for a logo? I know of someone who spent $500 for all of their branding but that is a little much for me.

  2. I know of a few WAHM businesses (Graphic designers) that focus on logos/ websites for WAHMs primarily. They do a lot of work for ALOT cheaper than what you find up here (in Canada). They are in the US. PM me if you want contact info. They even do e-commerce sites.