Friday, March 13, 2009

Hello, Everyone!

My name is Kristina and my business is Bouncing Off The Walls. I specialize in custom, hand-painted room decor for children's rooms and nurseries. Everything from wall letters, growth charts, drawer knobs and switch plate covers to canvas art and more!

I am mom to my almost 2 1/2 year old son Reid and 10 month old daughter Devyn. Two kids under two and a business! It's been a challenge to say the least and I hope that we can all share great ideas to help each other out!

My business is not a hobby. To me it is a part of our income as well as a way for me to feel pride as I make it a success and strangely it's a way for me to feel a little bit of sanity in my hectic, child-run days!

I have two kids, home all day long…I have a home based business for which I'm not only painting, but also cutting the products for; plus household responsibilities. The only and I have to stress ONLY time that is quiet enough to do any sort of business is at the kid's nap time or at night and naps are hit and miss around here! Last I checked, there is only one of me and not any one around that I can ask to paint, cut letters, make phone calls, answer 25 different emails a day, go grocery shopping for me, clean my house, watch my kids, run my errands, etc…

Could it be different, sure, however I don’t have the financial stability yet to delegate responsibilities to other people such as hiring contract artists, maid services, employees, or even a baby sitter for that matter, but I am willing to make these sacrifices now to reap the rewards later. So, I am up late. Always staying up late. I’d rather stay up till 1 and work than get up at 5 knowing I'll just be interrupted in an hour or so. That is just me. Yet, even during all of this, I still get up with my kids, feed them, wash them, take care of them, run errands, make dinners, clean the best I can, go out to lunches, go shopping, take kids to play dates and out to movies. I can even make time to spend with my husband and the kids on the weekends for our family time which is usually spent going swimming or for walks and just being together as a family.

Is it all worth it you ask? Heck yeah! I get to stay home with my kids and enjoy their younger years even though at some point through out the course of the day I am ready to pull my hair out with my youngest for being constantly cranky and into everything; my son whining, whining and whining because apparently that's what two-year-olds do and the dog constantly underfoot because she hasn't been paid attention to since 2005! I also hope to show my children first hand how hard work and dedication can pay off and hopefully they will see that one day.

Quiet time is night time for me. The kids are in bed, my husband is sleeping and the house is a peaceful place once again. I catch up on orders, catch up on forums or blogs, catch up on emails.....a lot of catching up!

So yeah, there may be a things that don't sound too appealing to being a WAHM, but those do not out weigh the good things. I am doing what I love with my kids, and doing it in my pajamas!


  1. I hear you loud and clear!
    Actually reading your letter I thought it was describing my life LOL! But would we change it...never!!
    I do have a small advantage as my 6 year old son is now in grade one and full days so I have some time during the day to get business stuff done. I also do esthetics from my home so when I am not doing pedicures or removing hair, I am on the computer doing Bliss Boutique stuff !
    My husband also works straight afternoons so I am on my own for the evenings....doing groceries, making supper, homework, bathtub, stories, cleaning house, laundry .....does the list ever end...LOL
    but the benefits of seeing my son come home to a homemade supper and not having to go to daycare for the afterscool program, outweighs it all!
    Thanks for sharing your life and making our shared experiences feel normal !

  2. WOW, I LOVE your work Kristina! I checked out your site & you have amazing talent, I will be ordering for sure!
    Loved your post too :)

  3. Loved your post Kristina! I am just getting started in the WAHM field, but know that it will be challenging. thanks for such a great post.