Friday, March 13, 2009

My first trade show!!

Yikes I am booked for my first trade show, and by luck happened to find a awesome deal!
I emailed this lady after I found a posting online. She later emailed me back saying this is awesome they have been looking for someone to sponsor the baby crawling contest. So instead of a booth payment I am giving them the prizes (which is the cost of the booth) BUT I also get my own advertisment in the paper for the next 3 weeks, and they will be running ads on the radio, with my business name in it for the 2 weeks prior.

Here's my problem, I don't have a booth! My sister is going to get me a few grid walls so I can display some stuff on them, but what else should I have out???
I was going to have our Logo printed up on a large poster, but the pdi is to low so I can't blow it up that large (u get what u pay for hey!) So I may have to resort to my Cricut...... I can hear the money just flowing out of the account now. But I have atleast 2 other ones to go to after!!


  1. What trade show is it? I have a lot of trade show experience so I can probably answer some of your questions. What size is your booth and what does it include?

  2. I can also help, give us a few more details, or message me privately (

  3. Well I managed to wiggle my way into a community one this weekend as well, not really a booth thing just a table, but what do u expect for $25.00!!
    So I am busy getting ready, and hoping to do a run into the city to get some supplies.

    The other one I am working on is in Vegreville, its a 10x10 booth, and they supply tables, chairs, internet,power and curtains surrounding booth.