Thursday, March 12, 2009

Please allow me to introduce myself...

Hello moms!
My name is Cohen and I'm an (almost) WAHM - I also work outside the home part-time during tax season (as in now). With three children, a spastic dog, a traveling husband and a home based graphic design and scrapbooking business, my plate is full.
I am also on etsy ( and am surprised daily by my relative success there. It has been the jumping off point for bigger things like wholesale orders all over the world! It started as a hobby that cost fifty times more than I ever made from it, but with cautious perserverance, I now earn a very respectable income while raising my children and being able to chaperone every single school field trip.
Like most owls, bats and WAHMs, I do the majority of my work at night. The hours between 9 and 1 are when I go down to my basement studio and work like a dervish. During the day, I do my PR and bookkeeping work, like answering emails, sending invoices, updating my shop, etc. I usually have two screens open on my moniter with MS Office open on one screen and Baby Einstein on the other for the two year old on my lap while my crazy dog chews on my socks (which are still on my feet).
Most of my friends who work full-time think I sit at home and watch daytime soaps and eat bonbons all day. I was eager to join this group because I'd love to share the celebrations and commiserations with others who can relate.

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  1. Wow you just described me! (Minus 2 of the children..) so far my plate is full with one baby and all of the above! :D Very nice to hear I am not the only one up at 1am working. It is the most peaceful time in my home to Sew. Good to hear of your successes I am just starting out on Etsy and a new home business venture this year through the ups and downs I am so happy to be home based. Welll done and thanks for this post :)