Friday, March 27, 2009

Calgary Photography [Simply Connected Photography]

Hi there! My story starts with a little ol' mom that has always had an interest in photography. I took some classes in college, on-line, through U of C and the City of Calgary. After years of taking "pictures" of my kids I branched out to friends and family. November 2007 two sets of friends finally convinced me to step out of my "safe zone" and capture images for "REAL". For way, I totally thought I couldn't....what if I do it and no one like it, what if my passion (oh it's a HUGE passion) starts to feel like a real job and I hate it...what if, what if....what if I absolutely fall in love with it and become successful:)

One year after launching Simply Connected Photography we are offering professional grade products and creating priceless art for your walls!

Stepping off that cliff to the unknown was hard....telling people out loud what I do was even harder. The 'what ifs" kept me up at night, but slowly as time passed and my confidence grew those drowning thoughts lightened their grip and have faded away.

[Goals] create a "want" and "need" ( as archiving your heritage IS important!).

Step "outside the box" with my own blog and help educate the public about custom portraiture.

To learn successful business tactics and inspiration by my other fellow bloggers!

Two things of interest...

I am looking to interview someone with particular knowledge about scrapbooking or any business relations to image archiving. I will blog this interview about the importance of capturing images of our children and families for future generations. Please contact me through e-mail or phone if you have any interest in participating. On my blog post you can submit written information about your business along with your contact info. I will also provide a link from my blog directly to your website/blog. Contact or 403.829.6783 Thanks!

You are all the first to know....I am thinking of offering a grand studio opening special of "mini photo sessions"! Mini sessions are short but very sweet...they come packed full of products to enhance your custom art! Freshen your image (capture your child as they are now) with a 1/2 hour studio session, approximately 7- 10 images in gallery, a 5 x 5 hand-made professional grade album of all gallery images, and one desk print (8 x 10) for $300!

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  1. Your work is beautiful! Do you do any product photography at all?

  2. Thanks, as child portaiture is my specialty...I always welcome other opportunities!! Please contact me as I have a portfolio of "other" work away from child and family portraiture. ;) Enjoy the snow to come...uhhhh :(

  3. I LOVE the colour in your work -- it's stunning. Gorgeous imagery. I'll be sure to recommend your site to anyone looking for photography.