Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What do you do/use to stay organized?

Hi Ladies,

I was wondering if you use any sort of system to stay organized with your business and household tasks. Something Ive started to practice since resently is to use office outlook to do all my task managing. Its awesome! I can keep my contacts upto date, and do a list of tasks which I can check off when I complete them, and if I miss something I get a reminder. Also another feature is I get reminders with my business contacts when it is a birthday or anyother appoinment I have set up in advance.
Im trying to figure out how to sync it up with my black berry which someone told me is really easy. I havent taken the time to download the software to computer yet because I just got my laptop back after repairs.

Also does anyone use a good and (very importantly) an easy software for doing accounting for your business?


  1. We are using simply accounting, but that may be more then what u are needing.

    I do need something for contacts and such a well, and for now have just been using my iphone. So far so good!

  2. Yep I was using my blackerry phone for contacts, but I needed something to easily sort out contacts when I do client care calls. And with outlook I can customize the columns sort of like in an excel sheet.

  3. I found

    It is an open source accounting software. I haven't actually tried it yet, but I will when I get a chance.

  4. hey thanks Jennifer. I will give it a shot!

  5. I have signed up for Opruis - CRM database.

    I am an accoutant - so I do my own books - Quickbooks is a great program. I also say - what is your time worth! Hire someone to do it!

  6. I really got my hands burned with using an accountant last year with my business. Now I am having to pay Revenue Canada 4000 dollars, and honeslty I dont have money to pay someone to do it this year. So Im going to do my own taxes. When I can afford to hire an accountant again then it that is what I will probably do, but as for now I figure if I make a mistake and have to pay back, atleast I dont have to be sad about it.