Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What is WAHMs Page?

What is WAHMs Page?
WAHMs Page is a blog where 100 Canadian work at home moms can share their business stories, promote their businesses, mention helpful hits, tips and advice.

So now I am looking for at least 100 wahms that want to write regularly on this blog..

If anyone is interested please comment below with a little blurb about you, your business, your family and also where you live. :)

Make sure you send me an email with your email address so I can send you an invite to join the blog as an author..

send it to rapada(at)

Then check your email inbox to accept the invite to be added. ;)

Once you have been added you will see the New Post link at the top of the site in the right hand corner of the beigh bar.



  1. This sounds neat!

    My name is Catt and I have a fairly new business named HomeMade Market. I live in Ontario (for now) and also have 4 small children.

    How often is often that you want us to write on the blog?

  2. well.. every time you post you can put your business link at the end of your post.. so it promotes your business to other readers "every" time! :D

  3. Hi Britt,

    What a great idea! Thank you very much for creating a site where we domestic entrepreneurs can network, learn and support each other.

    My name is Tamara Knott and I'm a busy, married mom of 2. We've emailed before and I enjoy being a member of Canadian Moms Community.

    Businesswise I joyfully restore fun and flavour in everyday family meals as an Epicure Selections consultant. I left the corporate world a few years ago. Growing a home based business certainly has its challenges but it is incomparibly rewarding and empowering. I can't imagine doing anything else.

    Spicelady Tamara
    Shop with Me Online -

  4. Hey Britt! I love this idea of yours.

    I love to share my business stories. As you already know I joined with Passion Parties as an indipendent consultant last auguest, and there is so much to share. I love it for so many reasons.

    This is great because now I get the chance to interact with other WHAMs and share tips and tricks.

    Nilu Jayamanne
    on the web at

  5. Just a quick note.. I need your email address so that I can add you as a author to post your stories.

    please send it to rapada(at)

    then keep a look out in your email inbox for the invite to be an author. You need to accept it. ;)


  6. Hey Britt
    Thanks again for creating such an awesome avenue for us to network, learn from each other and grow !

    My name is Sharon Rollins and I live in the Niagara Region of Ontario.
    My business "Bliss Boutique....Have A Girls Night Out At Home" was created 2007 for the active, on the go Mom that doesn't treat herself enough to the fun things in life.
    I come right to your home with 100 + beautiful, stylish, very affordable purses, wallets, jewellery, pashminas, handcrafted soap etc....and all you have to do is invite your friends and set your party atmosphere !
    I don't do a formal presentation so the atmosphere is very relaxed and fun! Everything purchased is taken home with you that evening !

    I can work my schedule around my family..attend my sons hockey games and have time with my husband!

    Check out my website for more details including my Hostess and Party Booking incentives !

    Sharon Rollins (Purselady)

  7. Hello Ladies,
    I am very happy to share this piece of cyberspace with you. What a great idea!

    I am a busy Ontario mom and wife. Businesswise I currently have two businesses.
    First one, more established, is translations. I am a certified translator and interpreter specializing in medical field. It was my passion for helping people in need (and my sincere and deep reluctance to learn chemistry) that lead me to this career. I enjoy every moment of it. Hey, after all I always liked to talk and here I can even do it in two languages! :)
    As a translator I translated 2 books on alternative medicine, which turned out to be a great adventure. You can read more about it on

    Being naturally attracted to alternative therapies I started to learn more about different products that can help restore our natural state of vitality. That's how my other business was born. My youngest baby: Eko Trendz.
    It is an online store specializing in products utilizing amazing benefits of ionization technology, mainly water ionizers and toothbrushes.

    Feel free to check it out at

    I would love to exchange ideas with business minded women. Hope to see this blog grow and grow, and grow!