Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Girls Just Wanna Have FUN!

Cyndi Lauper certainly had the right idea. I suspect she also realized that having fun could be lucrative. I certainly realized it, and that’s why I knew I was sitting on a goldmine of opportunity when I was first asked if I’d be interested in having parties for women’s intimate products.

My husband laughed and said I was far too much of a prude to succeed with it. He knew me as a human resources professional. Little did he suspect just how much of an extrovert I really am and how motivated I was to find a way to help with family expenses while being at home to raise our children.

I did well with the original venture and often ran as many as ten to twelve parties a month, with my earning potential exceeding what she made in the her field of Human Resources. For 5 years I worked with a Company based out of the US, with our Canadian CEO, Della Dennocourt. We had many discussions surrounding our company and agreed that there were many things that could be improved in the company we were working with.

Management wasn’t interested in listening, so Della took matters into her own hands and approached myself and two others to form Victorian Pleasure Parties. All four of us have extensive business backgrounds and knew our business plan had legs, style, and success written all over it.

We also understood that many folks have a few stereotypes regarding sex toys. So, we reasoned, why not throw in a little history lesson as an ice-breaker at the parties. We aren’t named after the capital city of British Columbia. Did you know that the original sex toys were called anything but, and were invented in the Victorian era as a way to deal with female hysteria!

When I joined the direct selling industry I have discovered that I has absolutely no fear of public speaking. In fact I have found my inner stand-up comic and even learned how to deal with the (very) occasional heckler. It’s all in the name of good fun.

We don’t want to become known as the Sex Ed 101 company, but we do use proper body-part names. There is no need to get coy. After all, our focus is women who are interested in enhancing their sensual side. We hope they know they aren’t at another home party!”

Victorian Pleasure Parties is doing well that we are continually introducing new products to our line-up. As one satisfied customer said, “I had no idea there were so many items out there to do the same thing!”

With Victorian Pleasure Parties we realize that there are various comfort levels with intimacy products so we are careful to stock items that will appeal to the spectrum. Products range from gold-dust powder and scented oils, to sexy lingerie and costumes that’ll quickly get you in the mood to try out his and hers toys. Take a look at the website and you might decide you’ve been missing out on way too much fun.

Our company began in Whitecourt, Alberta, but have representatives in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories, Manitoba and Newfoundland. We are currently working on an exciting expansion program to go nationwide.

All of our Pleasure Specialists are discovering the same thing I did when I began my career change – it’s possible to have fun and make a great income if you’re part of a business model that makes sense to you and your needs.

Naturally, our Pleasure Specialists need to be 18 and older to be part of the company, but other than that there are no age restrictions. My 60-year-old mother has begun supplementing her retirement as a Pleasure Specialist and is enjoying great success.

The important thing with VPP is that by the end of the evening everyone trusts us and they open up with questions and anecdotes. That’s why it’s important that we have the right people on our team. If someone is interested in joining us we invite them to a Sponsoring Coffee. That way we can get to know them and find out if it will be a good fit. We want to know that the women who attend one of our parties will be treated intelligently and kindly.

Here's to adding spice to your life!

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  1. Great post Darcy!
    I was involved with a similar company for 3 + years & it was AMAZING, both personally & financially. I wish you much success & cheer you on, you are providing SO many women (and couples) such a wonderful avenue to explore.
    I have lots of tips & stories to share if you ever want.