Saturday, March 14, 2009

It Works! Get Slim, Trim & Have More Energy!

Brand New to Canada! Launch January 5th, 2009!

It Works! Marketing, founded in 2001 and headquartered out of Grand Rapids, MI, is a visionary company at the forefront of the ever-growing health and wellness distribution industry.

It Works! not only offers first-to-market, anti-aging products, they also have superior companion products which meet customer expectations to look younger and to live longer.

The It Works! opportunity and product line are cutting edge in dealing with everyday concerns including—money, appearance, stress, pain, health and weight loss.

It Works! top-selling product—the Ultimate Body Applicator, is a body wrap that tightens and tones the skin, reduces wrinkles, fades stretch marks and shrinks spongy, cellulite prone parts of the body.

The Applicator is used on the abdomen, back, legs, arms, facial and chin areas.

The Applicator is a special, non-woven lotion cloth which is easily applied to the skin in a simple one-step process. There are four Applicators per package.

The Applicator is the signature line of product for It Works! and is exclusively designed and distributed by It Works!

It Works! has received national media attention including an appearance on Comcast Newsmakers news program “Alternatives to Surgery” which aired on CNN South for several weeks. It Works! was also recently featured in Opportunity World Magazine and at the EMMY Swag Gift Suite.

“We are extremely pleased with our new product line and we are looking forward to long-term growth in the ever-expanding health and wellness industry,” states Mark Pentecost, CEO, It Works! Marketing.

In January of 2008, It Works! introduced FITworks and the FITstart interactive online line weight-loss program. The FITworks premise for weight loss is based on the principle of Food Induced Thermogenics.

The idea of thermogenics is not new. The theory has been researched for years. Many of the answers are buried in heaps of research papers but using food to create energy isn't theoretical. It is a tested and proven science that certain foods create more heat than others.

“Food is energy and energy cannot be destroyed, energy can only change form. Every bite of food we eat, every thought we think, every stress we experience, and every toxin we ingest or inhale either directly or indirectly, through hormone imbalance, can create weight loss or weight gain, health or disease,” said FITworks creator Carla Burns.

The FITstart! program is based on the top-ten thermogenic foods that help users lose up to 10 pounds in the first 12 days. Based on the science of thermogenics, FITworks educates users on what, when and how often to eat for maximum fat loss.

It Works! also has introduced along with the FITworks program a new whole food replacement meal bar—It’s Essential. The It’s Essential Bar is incorporated into FITworks as a healthy alternative for busy people on the go. The bar is a combination of health fats, low glycemic carbs and gluten-free protein.

“Using FITworks and the It’s Essential bar is the beginning of a process to re-program your body and mind. Once users learn how to work with their body instead of against it, they can maintain weight loss and good health for life,” said Burns.

It Works! has distributors and customers all over the U.S. and has since launched in Canada, January 2009!

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