Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Weather Book

I believe that taking time out of your busy day to do a craft with your child is very rewarding. Making a spring weather book is an excellent craft time/learning time activity to do with your little one, especially introducing the spring season. Have your child make a weather book to represent the variety of weather throughout the spring season. Use cardstock paper to place all the craft items for each weather. Write the type of weather (i.e. rain, sun) on the bottom card stock.

Rain: Glue silver sequence to a piece of cardstock paper. Scatter the sequence around the paper. Allow your child to place the sequence on the paper for improving hand dexterity.

Clouds: Pull cotton balls to make them look like clouds and glude them onto card stock paper.

Sun: Trace a circle on yellow paper (use a yogurt cotainer), cut it out, and place it on a different color card stock paper. Gather some yellow feathers (available at local craft store) and glue them around the sun to represent the sun's rays. This is make a great effect to show the strong rays of the sun.

Fog: Find some grey paint to represent the color of fog. On very light color paper, have your child use a paint brush, and color the whole paper grey.

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