Friday, March 13, 2009

Rugrats Gear

Hello everyone,
Just inviting u all to see my new business. As a mom who has moved from the large city of Calgary to a tiny town about 45 mins away from any large town or city, it was hard finding those little items for my kids or for gifts. So I decided to live up my dream of having my own online store. My husband and I had been looking at this for a few years, and decided that its time to do it. So here we are!
We are carrying some really cool stuff right now, stainless steel bottles, cloth diapers, cool hair stuff, nursing covers, bibs and SO Much more!
Soon we will have licensed NHL gear for the little ones, and Bumbos are on their way as well!!
So excited!!
Check out the site at

Please keep in mind we are just getting things up and running, BUT would love suggestions and feedback!

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  1. Erin, can you send me your email address?