Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Do you set business goals?

Is it a weekly goal, monthly goal, yearly goal?? Is it a monetary goal or a number of customers goal? Share your business goals with us.

Britt Raposo


  1. I set weekly goals mostly how many sites i can get updated during that week. :) They keep me busy. lol

  2. Yes I do set goals usually for the month. And I also make a list of tasks for the day complied with both business and personal tasks.

  3. I set long term and short term goals depending on how busy I am.
    As my "to do list" is never empty I set daily goals to get x number of tasks accomplished based on their priority. What needs to get done asap that has the most impact on my business. Less impact means lower on the list. My personal needs are usually at the bottom to work on that don't I ??

  4. Yes I find that it helps me stay on track and differentiate the IPAs - income producing activities from the busy work.

    I have to be careful that I don't overload my daily to do list with too many tasks. Just have to tone down the type A part of me and keep work, family, health in a good balance.

  5. I amm slowly setting goals and such with the business. Within 3 years we want to have a brick and morter store, so we can offer more to the community.

  6. I set goals all the time, personally and professionally. I overachieve and under deliver usually (only to myself), but at least I know where the goal posts are! This week I set a goal to have 20 attendees at my event. Since it was a second event, 18 in attendance was still great even though it fell short by 2. Why is it great? I also set a goal to do as much free marketing as I can (strange from a marketing professional I suppose) as a case study on network marketing I could share with my clients. Getting anything over 10 people to an event is sometimes a challenge, to be honest, so I'm pleased with my goals and how they are turning out.

    Next goal is Dragon's Den. I'm making a pitch on Saturday. My business plan is not as developed as I'd want to for doing this, but I'm doing it anyway for the experience. Wish me luck!