Friday, March 13, 2009


My family is not health conscious by nature. My husband was involved with sports like soccer and rugby in school, and loves to hike, but I’m much more of a couch potato as far as my lifestyle habits are concerned. My kids follow my example! Sigh.

As I began training for my marathon last year - going from couch potato to marathoner in about 3 months! - I discovered the joy of a fit lifestyle. Alas, my teenaged kids weren’t buying it.

I tried to get them to do a quick walk around the block with me and the dog. I tried different fitness DVD’s with them. I tried having them design their own fitness programs - all to no avail.

And then it happened. A friend began sharing her excitement with me about the Nintendo Wii Fit

Now, we had the Wii already, and the Wii Sports game, but I found that it got boring very quickly once the initial “buzz” had worn off. I assumed the same would happen to the Wii Fit.

Wii FitWe decided as a family to go on over to my friend’s house and try it out. We had a BLAST! I was impressed with the quality of the exercises offered, the variety, and the combination of fun and difficulty. I could see that this was something that would last a long time. I was also pleased that you could track your weight, BMI, fitness goals, and other fitness exercises (DVD’s, time in the gym, walking, etc.) as well as just work out. It is a total fitness solution.

My family is quite competitive, and we have a riot trying to beat each other’s scores. We aim for the equivalent of 30 minutes a day (the Wii Fit program clocks your time for you), 6 days a week. We have good days and bad days (remember the Diligence post from Wednesday? - We’re getting better!) but I can assure you I have NO trouble getting my kids to work out when I suggest they go play with the Wii Fit. The game is also designed in such a way that it’s constantly correcting your posture, your balance and your skill, so we are all learning to do the exercises correctly. Very cool. Very clever.

This is a totally impressive piece of equipment, and a huge amount of fun for the whole family. I HIGHLY recommend it - if you can get your hands on it!

Darlene, the PraiseWalker

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  1. Our family is relatively new to the Wii world, and we have enjoyed what we have experienced so far. I can't wait to try out the Wii Fit. It sounds great!