Thursday, March 19, 2009

Reminder Series Posters

A very common concern I receive from parents who attend my baby signing classes is that they find it hard to keep consistent with signing with your little one throughout the day. To become successful at teaching your baby or toddler to sign, is that you sign to them at least 20-30 times a day. It is important to perform the signs at important daily routines such as meal times, diaper changes, and bath times.
A useful solution I have found with my children and in my dayhome is to put posters that illustrate that particular activity signs throughout my home. For example, at the diaper change table I have a poster of the various signs that can be used to teach your little one about this activity. There are products in the market such as "Sign2me Reminder Series Posters" with colorful illustrations of the signs for daily activities such as:
Aggression Intervention Signs.
Animal Signs. Health & Safety Signs.
Meal and Snack Time.
Music Activities.
Play Time Signs.
Toileting & Diaper Changing Signs. &
Transition Signs.
These poster also come with teaching strategies that are ideal for a classroom setting.
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