Tuesday, March 17, 2009


So the last couple of days I have been nursing a sick child who isn't sleeping well. I did manage however to get most of the store out of my bedroom and my office some what organized I have two boxes of paper to sort through. I am quickly realizing that our personal papers and such need to be moved out of my office there is just no space for them. My office is really small and I have the inventory, the desk, filing cabinet, and also my sewing table and fabric. I am also suddenly overwhelmed with advertising and product opportunities that I must decide on prioritize which to do first. I was wondering if any of you have been approached by other bloggers about reviewing your site and or products, if so how do you decide which ones to work with and which to wait on. My finances are quickly becoming limited so I am feeling the pressure to make the right decisions. We have been through a tough year financially we are going through infertility treatments which is very financially draining. Well I will end this now if you have any wisdom to share with me about deciding on advertising and marketing what to do and what not to do I welcome it.


  1. Sounds like a tough time for you. The phone calls and E-mails are also coming in here for donations to events and it is really hard to choose which ones to participate in as you never know what the outcome will be after. I guess what I have learned is make sure it is a site that you are proud of and would like your product associated with and make sure you get things in writing. We did a fundraiser just this past weekend and my name was not shown anywhere at all. I was very dissapointed that the terms were not met fully and there was no way to back out when the day came.

  2. Hope your little one is doing better :)

    I'm just starting up my internet store "Little Cool Kids" and haven't really been thinking to much about marketing, SEO etc. yet. I do know the feeling though of being so overwhelmed that you don't know where to set in first.
    I hear again and again, and I do think it's important, that you should take one step at a time, try something out, focus on that, give it some time, see if it works and then move on.

    Have you heard of the 30 Day Challenge ? It's about how to make your first dollar in 30 days - but even if you're already in business and making a little money, it gives you all the tools, great advice, lot's of knowledge etc etc. One lesson a day during 30 days, great videos that litteraly take you step by step - it is SO cool ! and it's for free.
    I will send you an invite, I'm pretty sure it could be what you need ;-)

  3. SO much on your plate right now! Take your time & follow your gut & heart, things will happen & there is no rush on anything. Use the blog for feedback, talk to your friends & remember that all of us at one point or another (maybe even right now!) are going through similar things....you are not alone!
    So stay true to you & your goals, don't be afraid to ask for help & remember to SMILE, it can change even the toughest day :)

  4. Hi! Are you in Calgary? I'd like to invite you to a local networking/marketing training event. I have 16 years corporate small business marketing career experience, now I'm devoted to helping women business owners learn how to make exactly the decisions you are talking about. More than that, I'm helping them connect face to face to network and discuss what works what doesn't. There are a couple really great retailers (one is brick and mortar, one does online and supply chain) speaking in the next month or so. The next topic (next Tuesday) is about finding the Recession Opportunity... lean, mean, marketing decisions. It is about exactly what you are talking about... www.mpoweredmarketing.com

  5. I have a web based business. I have had 2 blogs/ sites that have approached me to submit my product for review/ giveaway.
    I too am undecided. They say they bring in a lot of traffic, but it is still a cost to me in the 1st place. i am thinking of asking a few previous contributors from these sites to see what their feedback is and if they would recommend signing up for it.