Friday, March 20, 2009

Does a WAHM ever get a break?

After 3 very busy weeks I told my husband I would be taking this week off to catch up on some household items and spend a little extra time with the boys(and on me). It figures that this week both the boys would come down with a cold as well as my husband felt run down/tired and I would be left to care for everyone 24 hours a day. I've felt tired all week as well but my policy is life still has to go on or no one would have clean clothes or food on the table while Mommy is sick.

Monday the boys both woke up with runny noses and I was exhasted by 1 pm. My husband took the next day off work and relaxed in bed all day while I took both boys to an eye appointment downtown (at 9am) and then he had a nap with our youngest while I took the older one for a hair cut and at 5:30 I ran out for a Chiro visit that I have been waiting weeks for. He was still tired Wednesday, Thursday and today but guess what he still kept his weekend plans dispite being tired. Where did he go you ask? Off to Golden to enjoy some time on the mountian with some work associates and spend a night in a hotel and have meals catered to him.

I know I choose to be a WAHM but is it really that hard for a husband to understand what we go through in a week? Our work is like working two jobs (non stop if you have children who still get up at night) and would it kill them to help without being asked once and a while?

Some days I wish we could switch for a week just so he could see what I really go through on a daily basis. I don't think one day would cut it for him.


  1. That is one of the hardest things! Making people understand that you work too! We've ran this conversation over and over ourselves MANY times! Sorry you've been sick and I hope you can get some rest soon!

  2. I feel for you too! I get up with my lil guy atleast 3 times a night and am not going to bed until 1-2 am these days. Then still take care of him all day everyday...Dad gets up with him one early morning and I hear about it for a month like he deserves a Medal! lol YES one week switch jobs/roles and all responsibilities. I'm planning my first trip away soon "by MySeLf", maybe you should try the same even a couple days, my guys logic is if I'm in the home even working on my business its still my role to take care of our son, but if you are out of town hmnnn...they have no other choice but to do it! Hah :-D Hang in there!

  3. Hear you !
    Before I left my fulltime day job to become a fulltime WAHM, I used to have a cleaning lady. I LOVED her ....actually she was more my friend than a cleaning lady. She helped me tremendously and made my life so much easier.
    Once I became a FT WAHM I decided I could take on the cleaning and laundry etc...myself, why not, I'm at HOME now....right????
    I feel like I never get a break some days. Not only am I working from home but I have another ft job keeping my home in order ! lol...I feel more guilty working from home and not having my house spic and span clean! I think I need to bring Kim back lol!
    Thanks for sharing ladies.....chins up...we still LOVE what we do !!