Thursday, January 21, 2010

Print and Storyboard S.A.L.E.

Simply Connected Photography is having a SALE!

For a limited time take 25% off all prints and storyboards!!

{Collection D} is here from January 22 - March 15, 2010. It includes 5 digital files and a $350 print credit for $500. That is a $200 savings.....not to mention how far your print credit will stretch with the 25% off sale ;) ;) Available to all clients that book and hold a session between Jan. 22 - March 15, 2010.

Book now to reserve your session and take advantage of the New Year savings.

Simply Connected is a local photography studio located in the N.W. of Calgary. Unique for the "Style" infused into each image, the studio now has even more selection of backgrounds and props (hats, scarves and clothing) to choose from! Simply Connected also does location photography in urban or country settings.

Displaying your session images on a Canvas is a great way to decorate your home. Art for your home....invest in your memories.

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Happy New Year!

Brandi Murray

Monday, January 4, 2010

Walking with the Bible


Still WAY too cold (-11°C /12°F ) , but I went out anyway (she da man!) I'm having trouble getting my Garmin to read my heart rate. It's given me an average heart rate today of 61bpm. I wish I was in that kind of shape! I think the strap is actually too loose - probably made for a man. I'm going to shorten it, and then try again.

Solitary figure on snow covered hillIt did "beep" me through my workout, though, and I did an interval workout to get some more of this fat blasted off. Woohoo. Toes are still thawing out, but otherwise I'm feeling pretty good.

I thought I'd share what I'm listening to. Last year I started listening to the Bible while I walked, and this year I've decided I want to go much deeper into the scriptures. Here's how I'm attempting to do it:

Read about it here: