Thursday, March 12, 2009

Does anyone have an Ebay store for their business?ay

Hello Everyone
I have heard that setting up an Ebay store is very effective but I don't really know very much about it. Is anyone out there using Ebay right now with their business?
Would love to hear your comments or suggestions.


  1. Well as for me the product I carry in my store I can not sell on sites such as ebay. I have to sign stating I wont do this, so it keeps the MRSP all the same for everyone.

  2. Hello there, I have been an ebay seller for around 6 years now and used to have a store along time ago for unrelated items. I have just started up on there again for my new baby business and yes I would try it for sure. I will probably start another store as well as it keeps your costs lower for listing fees, of course ebay has upped their fees monthly to have a store but in the longer term I think it is still cost effective. Once you sign in just follow their setup steps and should be relatively smooth :) Just have all your photos/webstore resized logo etc ready to go.

    I would also suggest if you are not on there yet. Although so far I have not had much success... :( :)I have sold alot more baby stuff on ebay, I really like Etsy though as most items are handmade and unique. I may be posting for some help on selling there soon as it seems alot more "clicky" than ebay...
    Hope I've helped abit, good luck and sell sell sell! S :-D