Monday, April 20, 2009

Wow! MPowered Marketing Events & Aha Moments!

As I'm planning the 4th event in my 7 event marketing training and networking series here in Calgary, I'm reflecting on the comments from past attendees. I have had several people, who have serious business backgrounds and have made career shifts, say they have had "aha moments" when they think they were "aha'd out". I've had people who have barely started their journey of business creation have the lightbulb go on and really get inspired to start their businesses on a great path by making the right first marketing steps.

I've seen connections happen purely by magnetic pull between likeminded women. I've seen one attendee leaving another attendees house as they made a connection and shared their services. I've had about 90% of attendees return and all them of them will continue to return as life, kid and husband schedules allow. We have room for more! Each event has us at about 75% capacity. I'd really love to see some of you make it out and discover some truly meaningful learning and connecting. I am so inspired by the inspiration of those who have attended and the power of their enthusiasm for their businesses and mine. The reciprocal support and encouragement has been beyond my expectations, but everything I'd hoped (planned for).

The next event is focused on the concept of "brand." I firmly believe that as a one-woman show, a business owner where YOU are the heart of your business, that brand goes WAY beyond the obvious. While it is easy to understand branding to encompass the visual elements of our business (logo, graphic design) and our name, it really starts with who you are, what your values and goals are, and how you operate your business. These things exude your company in every way and if every output is consistent with this vision, you will create a marriage of customer perception and brand. Surely you want the way you present your company and what your customers think of you to be the same!

Our guest speaker at the next session is Nichole Menard, owner of Over the Rainbow Children's Boutique in Calgary (130th Avenue S.E.). Njchole took over a popular consignment store, kept the business name anticipating leveraging the well known name while converting the store to a specialized boutique of new and trendy children's items. Come hear Nichole's interesting story about brand and the challenges she has faced as she continues to evolve her business.

Next event is Tuesday, April 28th at 7:30 p.m. in Copperfield. Full event details and registration are on my website.

I'm so happy to hear about the successes you are all having and enthusiasm you are experiencing this Spring. I am enjoying reading all your posts!


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