Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bad Economy??? What!!!

Hi every one,

Just wanted to share some great news. I know Ive been silent a while. Just been dealing with some crazy stuff at home. So my business was put on the back burner a bit. And suddently I realized that I had totally lost my momentum with my parties. Just my luck- Belinda Ellsworth was in town the week after and I went to see her speak. Belinda is a Direct Sales specialist with 20 years of experiance in the industry.

I decided to relaunch my Passion Parties Business. And OMG...its been amazing. I now have more parties on the books than I ever did. Im booked up all the way to end of May and party of June too. Yikes!!! Who said the economy was down??? Doesnt look that way to me.. Anyway I just wanted to share my excitement.

Thanks for every one who keeps posting awesome tips!!

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