Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Vendor show success tips

Oh to one day have a workspace (I don't even have to call it an office) with walls so I can work without having to step over wooden train track pieces, crayons and hot wheels!

I'm getting ready to take my Epicure Selections business on the road for The Mompreneur Marketplace in Edmonton this Sunday April 19th. Got to pack carefully so I don't forget anything vital. Luckily, Edmonton is my hometown and I will be visiting my parents so I've got an on the ground support team!

Vendor shows and markets are great events for direct sellers working to grow their customer base and many community events are really inexpensive. If you've never done a public show I'll be posting some tips over the next week to help you have a successful event.

Tip One - Design an eye pleasing booth you can work in.

Plan your booth in advance and practice setting it up at home.

Invest in a durable, washable solid color tablecloth large enough to cover an 8' by 4' table generously.

Resist the urge to have every product in your catalog! Take some of your top sellers and keep your display clean and organized. Don't worry about missed sales. I'll be writing about capturing customer information and followup in a couple of days!

Ensure all your inventory, empty boxes & assorted supplies will stow under your table and are covered by your table draping. Lots of stuff piled at the back of your booth looks cluttered and unorganized plus it could be a tripping hazard when you and your co-workers get busy.

A tidy, organized booth and your friendly smile will be all you need to make a great first impression!

Drop by my Epicure booth at the Mompreneur Marketplace Sunday April 19th at the Mayfield Inn in Edmonton. I'd love to meet you.


  1. I wish you much success this weekend. I enjoyed reading your tips and look forward to an update. I too am interested in doing a vendor show or market type of event when the opportunity arises so this will come in handy.

  2. Thanks for posting on this topic. I did my first trade show two weeks ago and have another one this coming weekend. I am finding it difficult to decide what, and how much of everything, to bring. I look forward to reading your posts so that hopefully with my next set of trade shows I'll be a pro!

    Good luck with the Mompreneur Show in Edmonton!