Sunday, April 12, 2009

Calgary Moms! Marketing Training Event This Tuesday

Hello Fellow WAHMs!

The third event in my marketing training and networking series is upon us. It is this Tuesday, April 14th. Our focus is on goal setting. I am providing a very 'get to work' approach to my training session this week. I know for myself that the personal goals and business goals overlap, and without goals, I end up in quite the muddle in how I manage my time, make decisions with income. More importantly, without goals it is easy to lose focus on both the 'why' we started our businesses in the first place and the 'how' we are going to succeed. The goal is the 'what' in the equation.... 'what' specifically do you want to achieve? The 'specifically' part is the critical development step in goal setting, and that will be what Tuesday is all about. I aim to have everyone leave the Tuesday session with a set of specific goals that inspire, motivate or reinforce business focus immediately.

As with all training sessions, we have a wonderful local guest speaker coming to support the training topic with their real-world success or challenge story. This week Sundi Hoffman, owner of Bugalug hair accessories will share her interesting marketing strategies and business development angles. Sundi has travelled North America to promote her business to all kinds of customer and business to business audiences at events, including some celebs. She won the Prairie Region Savvy Mom of the Year award. It's going to be a great session!

Registration: only $25, pay at the event by cash or credit card on the Events page at

This is personally a great week for me to narrow in on my goals. It helps manage my own expectations of myself and what I can accomplish as a mom of three young girls, with limited childcare, minor league hockey playoffs for my husband, and a growing marketing event and client-based business. Thursday evening, 15 minutes prior to rushing out the door to get my girls to their dance classes and with an evening of Easter weekend road-trip packing to do, I dropped a big glass & stainless steel pot lid on my toe. It honestly hurt as bad as labour at first, but of course, I put it in the category of stubbed toe and sucked it up. About 26 hours later, road trip completed, I found myself in the ER to get a seriously black and blue toenail taken care of (disgusting, will not expand). In my distracted state with a throbbing foot, from trying to get my family organized to leave Calgary Friday morning, I forgot to pack myself underwear and more than 1 shirt. I forgot some Easter Bunny treats. I forgot I wrote a list to remember the forgotten items. But I did remember my girls, their favourite toys, and clothes. As my toe seems to be beckoning another doctor visit in the near future, and has to be elevated a fair bit, I am just focused on my goals. I'm going to get us home tomorrow with the least amount of stress and fuss. I'm going to write my presentation with my foot up on the dashboard. I'm going to ponder marketing strategy and budget for more take out. My goal this week is simplicity. Sometimes easier said than done. But since it is now my goal, and I have some tactics around it, I'm sure I'll be able to achieve it. The best thing about great goals is that they have a timeline. Come Friday, I'll know how I did in the simplicity department to evaluate it for the next time I am clutzy in the kitchen!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter break and I also hope to see some of you tomorrow evening for a great marketing session just for a women in business like you!


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