Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Vendor Show Success Tip #3

Hi and Happy Earth Day.

I'd like to propose that the most important phase of every trade show begins after you get home! Follow up is essential to maximizing your investment and realizing a measureable business boost.

Capture contact information from everyone you engage with at the show. Offer a draw and invite everyone who speaks with you or makes a purchase to enter. Bring a clipboard, draw entry forms and pens and pass them to your customer to fill out. If I'm not too busy I hold the clipboard and fill the draw form out for them so I can ask them additional questions and make some notes. This is a great opportunity to learn more about them and their needs!

Call everyone within two or three days after the show. You don't have to be nervous or feel like you are being pushy. Just call and say thank you for stopping by the booth. Then tell them that you really appreciate their interest in your business and that you would love for them to be a valued customer. If you do a monthly email newsletter this is also a good time to ask permission to add their email address to your list. Easy peasy right! Check whether your contact would like further information or products at this time. If not, ask permission to follow up with them in a month or whatever interval seems reasonable to you and then make sure you call them as promised.

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