Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Get an accountant early on!

So I created & owned my own business for a little over 2 years. Never in this time did I hire an accountant, I was watching pennies. Well, my suggestion to all WAHMs today is to *get an accountant*... it makes filing Sales Taxes and Income Tax way easier than doing it yourself (unless of course you ARE an accountant ROFL). I'm doing my own Income Tax now and I have to tell you there is *a lot* to know. some things I just don't understand. And because I no longer own the business, it's complicated further. I'm sure if I had an accountant things would be going much smoother right now.

So I just wanted to say... do some research and hire an appropriate account... in the long run it will really benefit you and your business! I'm kicking myself for not spending the extra because I honestly think it would have made life way easier for me and my family!

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  1. I want to add that they are no that expensive either for the time and aggravation they save you from.

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