Thursday, April 23, 2009

Trade show success tip #4

I hope that someone is finding these tips useful. Vendor shows can cost a lot of money and time so its vital that we maximize the benefits.

Do you realize that there is a great, untapped pool of potential customers at every market or trade show you'll ever do. Time and again I've observed how they are neglected even though they are all around at every show. Who are they? Other vendors!

Remember that all the other vendors are busy people who need to shop for products and services too. Plus they are keen to support other business people they get to know and who treat them well.

So next time you do a show ensure that you:

- Visit as many other booths as you can either before or during the show to meet the other business people there. Shake hands, introduce yourself and get to know as many other vendors as you have time for:

- Offer a vendors only special like a free sample or a discount. Trading product can also be mutually beneficial:

- Get their contact information and follow up with a phone call to say what a pleasure it was to meet them and that you look forward to seeing them at another event soon. Next time one of their friends wants a product like yours who do you think will get the referral?

Some of my best hostesses are business women I've met at trade shows and markets. I'm doing a party this week with a woman who was in the booth next to me at a Christmas Craft Show! I strongly encourage you not to neglect this group of wonderful customers right under your nose!

Have a Spicy Day!

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