Monday, June 29, 2009

Small Wonder Needs Your Votes! (And I'll Return the Favour.)

Vote Now for Small Wonder to be Canada's top Mom Entrepreneur!

Small Wonder is entered to win $15,500 and I need your votes to help me win.

The SavvyMom Mom Entrepreneur of the Year Award is a readers' choice contest designed to find Canada's top Mom Entrepreneur. The winner will be announced in the fall, and will be rewarded with a $15,500 that was designed to help take that business to the next level.

I have been working hard at making Small Wonder a success since 2006. I know it will be what I imagined it to be, and this is one of the ways I will make that happen! So vote for me, please!

If you haven't already, check out the 'Mom Entrepreneurs Gallery' at Small Wonder can be viewed by clicking on this URL...

And look through some of the other nominees, because there are a lot of talented and gutsy Moms out there! And if your one of them, nominate yourself. I'll vote for you!

Voters are also eligible to win prizes provided by Mabel’s Labels, Starrytime Keepsakes and Joe Fresh Style in the voter sweepstakes that accompanies this award program.

So there's a bonus for you, too!!!

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