Friday, June 12, 2009

Being a WAHM has it's advantages!

So I sit here right now, in front of the computer thinking I *should* be working. But ah... it's friday, the sun is out, I have to get myself & the kids ready to goto my Tae Kwon Do class shortly so I figure... I'll take a break.

The advantage of being WAHM for me anyway, is that I can work when I want and how much I want. I know... this is not the case for all WAHMs... some have jobs that require lots of hours and daily work. I used to be one of these 8 hours/day, 8 days/week kinda WAHMs. Probably a lot of days more than 8 hours... not often less. Here's the thing... being that busy is a *choice*. Yes... you do have to work to be successful and stay successful, but how much and when is 110% your own choice. When I owned my previous home retail business it got busy, really busy. So much so that I rarely got to spend time with my family. What did I do to change that? I hired a Mom helper. That's right... another Mom who could use some adult company and a bit of extra $$. The great thing for me? She was happy to work for store bucks. Being in retail, you know that has fantastic advantages. I 'paid' her a great rate for her but since I bought my stuff at wholesale rates, I got a 'discount' on her pay. So... I got fantastic help, company AND a pay rate I could afford! So... if you have a home retail biz that's really getting too hard to handle... or you simply want more time with your family, 'hire' another Mom. Great if you can find one that will work for product, but often Moms just want to get out of the house and be with another Mom so the pay rate is quite reasonable. And if you can find a Mom that is as passionate and knowledgeable about your product as you are all the better!

So now I'm one of those Mom helpers... only I do it out of my own home in front of my own computer. I sometimes get paid in 'product' but when I don't I get an hourly wage. My boss? Another fantastic Mom who lives in another COUNTRY!!! How cool is that?! I even got the privilege of meeting her one time when I traveled over to the US! I'm WAHM... I work at home... for another Mom and I love it. And in the process, I see lots of new websites, learn tons of new things and come to see some pretty neat products! And the best part of all? I work on my own terms when I have time. Occasionally there is a project that needs done yesturday, but for the most part I make my own schedule. For me, it's perfect.

So here's what my advice is today. If you have a home retail biz that's overwhelmingly busy... think about hiring a Mom helper. Use your connections. Talk about your business to EVERYBODY: family, friends, clients, manufactures, distributors, STRANGERS. And if it ever comes to a point where you want to move on to something else, you will have opened all those doors that you can go back to and say "hey... I can help YOU!"

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