Saturday, August 15, 2009

Oh, my.... I am lovin' this...

So yeah, I figured that seeing as how my girls will be going to school full days this year that I would take on the task of running the Calgary Moms Trade Fair here in Calgary. At first I was freaking out with making the decision wondering if I would ever fill the booths... well it's almost done. :) I'm so happy that I took this on. I am feeling very confident about it now and believe that it will be great!

I am planning on coordinating the trade fair 2 times a year in Feb/March and Sept/Oct. I am so excited to see how much bigger this could get.

I just have to say that I am VERY thankful to Sara, my past partner, for running the show for the first 2 years that it was held. Thank you for getting the ball running, teaching me the in's and out's of the show and for making this so much easier for me! :)

Thank you to Donna, for helping out this time around. You are a huge asset to the show! :)

Anyways.. just wanted to share my excitement and spread some love!

In Success & Joy,

Britt Raposo

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