Saturday, August 1, 2009

101 Video Scrapbooks by Small Wonder

This time let's talk about more business related uses for Video Scrapbooks. There are so many ways to use your video and digital still camera to enhance your small business.

  • Website Video-Produced video on websites is fast becoming the most common and powerful tool for selling your product or service. There is nothing like actually seeing something in action to convince consumers to buy.
  • Business Plan Video-Including video of your proposed or current location, product or service samples and your personal explanation of your proposal could help investors see the value in backing you.
  • Training Video-Many, many large corporations use video training to cut down on costs and standardize training information. Use it to train new employees, provide overall company info or for franchising.
And the list can go on and on. Events, investor relations, expansion. Small Wonder provides you with an affordable way to enhance your small business using video production.

Shawna Toth

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