Friday, September 11, 2009

Walking for Spiritual Clarity

Yesterday I was feeling a little overwhelmed. I often get myself in trouble by offering my services to other people, and having them take me up on it! :)

Part of the problem is that when I offer my services I actually have the time, but when I finally get the stuff they want me to do, I get everyone's all at once.

That's kind of where I was yesterday - overwhelmed and overloaded.

When I went for my walk I just gave it to God, and didn't really worry about it anymore. Thoughts flitted back and forth in my head, and I just kept giving them back without stress or worry. By the end of the walk I had solved on of my most nagging issues, and was delighted.

I love how walking intentionally gives me that kind of clarity.

This morning I was going through some sites on the Internet and I found this:

"Everyday I usually go for several walks during which time I ask the Holy Spirit to speak to me. I usually begin by praying that God cleanses me from all my sin with the blood of JESUS. Then I pray in tongues, followed by praise and worship of God. I then ask God a question I would like an answer to. I become quiet inside and listen carefully for His voice. When I think I hear it, I ask Him to use my voice to speak to me, and then I begin to speak aloud the words I hear within."

Thought it was right in line with what I had been experiencing myself.

Why not give it a try the next time you're feeling overwhelmed and frustrated?

Happy Walking!


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